1. ‘Long Walk is Freedom’ is the autobiography of–

a) Winrie Mandela b) Aung San Suu Kyi c) Nelson Mandela              d) Barak Obama

2. According to Mandela, ........... is a real brave man

a) he who conquers his fear b) he who shows strength

c) he who has the power          d) he who loves other

3. The ‘Rainbow gathering’ was for –

a) Nelson Mandela’s daughter’s wedding         b) Annual Sport’s meet

c) Election Campaigns                                       d) Inaugural ceremony of oath-taking

4. Identify the word which means, being treated differently

a) Deprivation   b) Discrimination     c) Emancipation          d) Despised

5. Nelson Mandela become the first black president of South Africa after ........... of White rule

a) more than one century b) more than two centuries

c) more than three centuries    d) more than four centuries

6. According to Mandela, the greatest wealth of a nation is its –

a) Riches b) Gold c) People d) Diamonds

7. ............ was the inauguration day of newly formed government of South Africa

a) 10th May b) 10th March c) 20th May d) 20th March

8. It was the celebration of South Africa’s first ......................... government.

a) autocratic, racial       b) democratic, non-racial

c) democratic, racial     d) monarchical, non-racial

9. A chevron of Impala jets left a smoke trail as –

a) black, red, green, blue and gold    b) black, red, yellow, blue, and gold

c) orange, black, yellow, blue and silver d) black, blue, violet, saffron and green

10. ‘The structure they created formed the bases of one of the harshest, most inhumane, societies the

world has ever known.’ – what structure is Mandela talking about ?

a) Racial domination against the black skinned. b) Poverty and suffering

c) Discrimination against the poor          d) Oppression of women.

11. Two national anthems were sung on the day of inauguration ceremony of Nelson Mandela to –

a) imply unity b) mark the end of racial discrimination

c) mark the end of gender discrimination d) Both (a) and (b)

12. A man who takes away another man’s freedom is —

a) Whites b) a prisoner of hatred                                                                 c) a criminal d) rude

13. '............. comes more naturally to heart', according to Mandela —

a) Hatred b) Unity          c) Love     d) Racial discrimination

14. Mandela was a leader of —

a) Indian National Congress       b) American National Congress

c) African National Congress        d) Communist Party

15. As mentioned in the lesson ‘Nelson Mandela : Long walk to Freedom’ which flame can be hidden

but never extinguished —

a) Man’s love   b) Man’s fear        c) Man’s goodness          d) Man’s anger

16. The smoke trail of Impala jets symbolized –

a) Unity in strength        b) The victory celebration

c) comrades         d) The new South African flag.

17. The inauguration ceremony was attended by politicians and dignitaries of more than –

a) 130 countries b) 140 countries c) 150 countries d) 120 countries

18. The word ‘transitory’ means in the lesson ‘Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom’ is —

a) permanent b) lasting for a short time     c) ever           d) lasting for a long time

19. The word ‘profound’ means —

a) mild b) superficial c) deep d) temporary

20. The inauguration ceremony took place in the Union Building amphitheatre in —

a) Johannesburg b) Capetown c) Pretoria d) Durban

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